Monday, April 28, 2008

Product Review - Nair Shower Power

I recently saw an ad for Nair Shower Power, which apparently works while you shower. Seeing that warmer weather and shorts are on the way, and considering that I have two young children and not a whole lot of shower time, I thought I would give it a try...

I have used a few Nair products in the past and had fairly decent results... The big draw for me has always been that Nair is supposed to keep your legs smoother and fuzz free longer than just using a regular old razor. I have noticed this is true to some extent. It probably gives me an extra day, maybe 2.

The drawback is having to load your legs up with lotion/cream, and then sit around and wait for the messy stuff to work it's magic.

But Shower Power works WHILE you shower. The magic formula is supposed to stay on your skin without dissolving or washing off in the shower. When you are ready, YOU remove it with the special sponge and the hair goes with it!

So, I gave it a shot.

I used the orange side of the sponge to apply the cream to one of my legs. I let it sit for a minute before getting in the shower (per the instructions). I hopped in and enjoyed the warm shower while the cream did it's work. The instructions state to not let the cream stay on for more than 10 minutes total, so after about 9 minutes or so, I decided to see if the stuff worked...

Using the white side of the sponge, I began wiping the stuff off. I noticed that a lot of it had already washed off. Hmmmm, not good. I also noticed that my hair was not really going anywhere. Really not good.

Not super impressed.... But to be fair I decided to give it another go. I waited about a week and a half. And then I went for Round 2.

This time I let the cream sit a little longer before hopping in the shower... I also stayed way out of the water for awhile to make sure it was going anywhere. This worked out ok for me, because we happen to have a pretty large shower stall. But if that is not the case for you, you might run into problems.

I also went just a TINY bit past the recommended 10 minutes. It was more like 11.
This time I had applied the cream to both legs, from the knees on down. I noticed that it takes quite a bit of cream to cover it all. Which means that your 5.1 oz tube might not last you too long, depending on how much hair you want to remove.

Okay, so after about 11 minutes, I used the white side of the scrubby sponge to remove the hair. This time I got better results. It was coming off. I finished up in the shower, got myself ready, and then was able to take a better look at the results...

Overall, not super impressed. I don't have very thick hair, but there were some stubborn spots where I guess the cream wasn't thick enough, or it just wasn't working very well...

I also don't have very sensitive skin, and I have never had problems with Nair products in the past, but this time my legs were kinda irritated. Definitely not painful at all... But slightly red and splotchy, and my leg pores were all of a sudden VERY large and noticeable. This seemed to be the case for a few days. My legs DID feel smooth for the most part though, and these smooth areas seemed to last for a couple of days.

I didn't have much cream left in that tube, and to be honest, I threw the rest away!

I had once tried Nair's Bladeless Shaving kit and had MUCH better results. It might be worth it to try it out again.
Otherwise I might just stick to some nice shaving gel and good razors. I might have to shave more often, but at least I get nice smooth results for a day!

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