Sunday, April 13, 2008

You need this...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Seriously, it is MAGIC! Or close to it! We recently moved, and bought this item to try to clean up scuff marks on our walls before showing our home. Amazing! 

Great for bathrooms too! Give your tub a little love - sparkling white again! 

And today it saved me again! My toddler took a big ole permanant marker to our wood floors. Left him for a second; came back to find a HUGE disaster. I'm not sure Magic Eraser is meant for wood floors, so you might want to check before taking it to yours. But I was VERY desperate! Had to use a little arm power, but the marker is GONE! And it didn't seem to do any damage to the floor. 

Ohhhh, thank you Mr. Clean! 

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