Sunday, March 8, 2009

thrift store shirt reconstruction!

I like the idea of reconstructing old clothing and material, and giving it new purpose! With the economy heading in a downward spiral, it just seems like a smart thing to do. Plus, it's fun! And a great way to learn to sew!

I'm relatively new to sewing, and I guess this would really only be my third attempt at something in the garment category.
I found a shirt at the thrift store that was $6.99 and 50% off! Nice! Then I decided I was going to attempt to make some kind of shirt for my 21 month old.

Here's the final product! Actually, it's not so final, as I plan to make a few little changes. But more on that later...

Now, I honestly had no clue as to where to start with this... But awhile back I had found a tutorial that I thought might be a good start...

Vegbee at Just Tutes has a tutorial for a peasant blouse that I found awhile back. Actually, she has a lot of great tutes, and is very nice at sharing!

Her tutorial is for making a little blouse from new fabric, but I figured maybe I could at least use some of her pattern ideas to get started on reconstructing my own little shirt. Seriously, check out her site. She has some very cute ideas!

Anyway, here is the original shirt.

I figured I could maybe reuse the front bodice part, and the button down section (does this have a more technical name? I don't know!)
So, here's where I tried to figure out how to cut this thing out and start putting it together!

Trying to figure out where 
to cut this thing out!

And here is what kept me going! Ha ha ha!

Ummmm, notice the small dust bunny there too!!! And how about those seam-ripper ripped pieces of thread from a quilting project gone bad! Ahhhhh!!! 

I got the main part of the shirt put together, and then realized I wanted to make a few more changes/alterations/additions...
I decided to add a ruffle to the bottom to add a little in length. Making a ruffle is something that I have done twice now, and although I seem to screw things up every time, I figured I could still handle it! I also put some new buttons on! Now that's pretty easy! : )
Overall, I'm fairly pleased with this. It's a little big right now, but it's still too cold to wear anyway. The sleeves are a little too roomy; I may add some elastic or do some tweaking there. And actually I have some round, solid red buttons I think I am going to so on instead. Well, I have some more yellow ones though too. So, we'll see!

Here's my cutie!


Mama Lusco said...

Great job! The shirt looks wonderful in it's new life. Your little one is a cutie :) My littlest one is 20 fun to make sweet clothes for her. Thanks for sharing your design. It looks great!

jedigirlz said... is the shirt. ;o) -Autumn

pink mama bird said...

wow, I just realized I have comments on my blog! how very exciting!!! THANKS LADIES! : )

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